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Default Re: Caleb Landry Jones cast as Banshee

Jones' interview is up on Facebook.

In the movie, will you wear the yellow-and-green uniform from the comics?
Yellow, blue and black.

What is your relationship with Moira in the film?
Strictly platonic.

In the comics Banshee is roughly the same age as Professor X - because there isn't much reference to a younger Banshee in the comics did you have more freedom to portray the character?
Not really. Only his motives should be less developed. Not yet the man he is to become.

What was the coolest part of your role in the film?
The character's appetite for a good party.

I was wondering if Banshee's powers will be limited to just the sonic scream, or will he be flying as well in this movie?
He learns to use most of his powers. This entails flight.

Will we see a connection between Banshee and Siryn, who appeared in the trilogy, in this film?
Not in the script but then again I haven't seen the completed film yet.

How did your audition for this role go?
I felt it went absolutely terrible.

Did you do your own stunts?
Most of them.

While filming or reading the script for Banshee did you ever feel a sort of connection with your own life or feelings?

Only that he has trouble fitting in.

What do you think makes Banshee such a cool character?
His naively destructive personality sprinkled with wit.

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