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Default Re: OFFICIAL: Rate & Review Iron Man 2 continued...

I'm not argueing at all, just stating an opinion. To me, IM1 was damn near a 5/5 movie. The only film in my life I've ever seen that I'd say was better is Jaws, which is my all time favorite movie. I'd give IM2 a 4/5.

Again, popularity does not mean a movie is better. Nor does box office. If that was the case then TF2 is one of the best films ever made.

There are however objective things one can analyze in regards to story, plot and such. BB had a good story that held up well on it's own without many WTF? moments. TDK has oodles of those kinds of moments which indicates bad writing and story. I could go ahead and list them all but I really shouldn't have to. They've been mentioned all over the place on the net, all you need to do is look them up. I'd give BB a 4/5 and TDK a 1.5/4.

2018 Movies so far:

1. Incredibles 2 (A)
2. Avengers: Infinity War (A)
3. Chappaquiddick (A-)
4. Ready Player One (B+/A-)
5. Upgrade (B+)
6. DeadPool 2 (B+)
7. Black Panther (B+)
8. Rampage (C+)

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