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Default Re: Batman After Nolan

Here's how the next ones should be, maybe another trilogy
The Dark Knight Returns
Batman doesn't appear for more than 5 years but after Bruce Wayne witnesses the death of Dick Grayson's parents he decides it's time to return, with crime being now lead by Black Mask, who's trying to become a simble for crime, however when Batman return another player seems to rise in the underworld of crime, a ressurrected Two-Face, using his image to show people of Gotham there's no hope, and Bruce adopts Dick.

Batman Asylum
Bruce is becoming to focused on his job as batman and Alfred fears this may be destroying his life as Bruce Wayne, a criminal mastermind called the riddler sends mesages before his crimes and has an interest in discovering the bigest secret of them all: Who is the Batman, Batman tries to use the help of psychologist Hugo Strange, another figure that also wants to know Bat's identity. And so begins a mind game, when Hugo tries to chalenge batman and he has to find the help of the Joker before the Riddler destroys Gotham's Economy. Dick discovers Batman's identity and helps him via radio to stop the Riddler while the Joker finally breaks from Arkham.

Batman Red
The race for the Joker's origin as the Red Hood gang emerges from the ashes, Batman discovers a mole inside Arkham that helped the Joker escape, the Penguin takes over the fallen Black Mask criminal empire and uses the Red Hood gang as ways to defeat the dark knight as he can't be everywhere all the time. Dick is trained by Bruce in the ways of the league of shadows, only one color rises: Red.

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