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Default Re: Do you wish Katie was in TDK, or do you wish Maggie was in BB?

The "much older" comment was more of a sarcasm since it looks like theres a 20 year old gap between them. Katie looks like a high school girl while Maggie looks like an old office woman with big eye bags. I seem to be in minority when it comes to this issue, but I really found Rachel to be very likable and fully connected with the character in BB. She was this little dog that barks the loudest, a little cute girl who had guts and morals of a huge fighter. Maggie was for me an old office woman who I just never felt any sympathy or connection with, and who wasnt special or distnctive in any way

As for Razzie, everyone has their bad moments or is unfairly "awarded". For example, the late Jerry Goldsmith received Razzie awards for his Rambo soundtracks

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