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Default Re: Deadpool Spin-off Confirmed - Part 1

Originally Posted by MikeFrost View Post
Does it? Where?

TBH I rather wait to get a quality movie with RR and a cool director than seeing this project moving ahead rushedly and cutting corners...
Wondercon this year.
"Deadpool is not a villain, he's an *******," Reynolds clarifies. Reynolds tells a fan he doesn't want to discuss the prospects of a Deadpool feature film, saying there are too many unknowns, but he enjoyed playing the character, would have done some things differently, and if they do a movie, they'll do it the right way — "hard R."
He mentions in other interviews as well. The script is said to be a hard R as well.
I dont consider this being rushed at this point. Reynolds said in an interview with MTV that the script is where he wants it. They have been hunting directors for awhile. What Ive heard so far doesnt have me worried. This Director has nothing to show so there is nothing to judge him on. The Script is said to be good and Reynolds promises to have the character done justice. Thats good enough for me until further proof.

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