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Default Re: Deadpool Spin-off Confirmed - Part 1

My biggest concern with Tim is the huge factor that differenciates CGI cinematics from live action footage: the "live" part. You're dealing with people, not computers. You need to know how to get the best out of your cast and crew and to know how to motivate people. Because it really shows in the final movie.

On a computer animation, you can nail down all the expressions, looks and artificial aspects of it down to perfection.

I love the things that Blur studios has done for games but it's exactly because it looks awesome for a game to have this amazing stuff complementing it's gameplay. In a movie the paradigm is completly different.

Deadpool wishlist:
Make suit look good. .
Make scars look proper.
Embrace the drama. Deadpool isnít only a clown.

And please, d
on't let it suck.

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