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Default Re: Visceral Batman Essays

However, I do not think that the 'lie' at the end of TDK has such a negative implication. You interpretation is of course valid and it is a sound one, but I believe that Batman at that point made a decision for the people he is protecting. He does have faith in the people of Gotham City, that is the reason why he chose to give them the chance they needed. The entire speech has the promise that some day the people will accept Batman, but it is not this day. Some day, the people will rise above Batman and be able to solve the problems that exist. I often wonder, has Batman really become the criminal on a much more literal level? Yes, we can argue all we want about his transcendence into a 'Dark Knight', but has he really become the criminal that must be stopped now? I believe this is what will prompt TDKR and what will bring Bane into the equation. But that isn't our concern right now. Batman does believe in Gotham City, but does he believe in himself any more?


THE JUSTICE BULLETIN published some of my thematic analysis on the symbolism in Nolan's superhero saga.
I call it Heroic Archetypes. You can read the parts on Batman Begins in the following links:
(pt 1; pt 2; pt 3; pt 4; pt 5; pt 6; pt 7)

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