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Default Re: Visceral Batman Essays

Originally Posted by Nave 'Torment' View Post
However, I do not think that the 'lie' at the end of TDK has such a negative implication. You interpretation is of course valid and it is a sound one, but I believe that Batman at that point made a decision for the people he is protecting.
That's exactly the problem. It is a paternalist vision over people.

Batman seems to think, I'm human, they're human but somehow I am the only one who knows what's better for humans to know/learn. And even when I'm the only one believeing so, since I'm definitely superior, I don't need to verify my own superiority before making this decision in the name and on the backs of everyone else.

Then he disguises this notion as a sacrifice which he concretes by taking the blame for Dent's murders. Because you see, he is so completely convinced of his own superiority that making a decision for the rest is not enough; he needs to become a martyr.

Originally Posted by Nave 'Torment' View Post
He does have faith in the people of Gotham City, that is the reason why he chose to give them the chance they needed.
On the contrary.

If he had faith in Gotham's people, he wouldn't need to lie to them at all. He'd believe that in spite of Dent's "corruption" people of Gotham would still have faith in themselves. Their spirit wouldn't be broken by this. He'd believe they can endure, just like himself.

But Batman's reasoning was, nah, people of Gotham won't get over this, no chance, they just can't. They're not as strong as I am. So I need to keep the truth from them. It's the only way. Those poor weak people need this, and I, the embodiment of heroism, perfection and sacrifice, am the only one who can give this to them. So, without any further inquiring, which I believe is definitely not required, I'll just lie to those people.

Originally Posted by Nave 'Torment' View Post
The entire speech has the promise that some day the people will accept Batman, but it is not this day. Some day, the people will rise above Batman and be able to solve the problems that exist.
And yet, by lying to them that day has become more distant from occuring. If you lie to people so they don't have to face the harsh facts, the longer they'll need to become able to do it. It's like parents who don't want to see their son suffer so they lie to him. That son, unable to experience terrible facts, will grow without the chance to develop a personality around some facts of life.

Now, if Batman thinks that one day people will be able to face the truth... what is exactly needed for that day to come? What do those people need exactly? WHy can' they face the facts right now? How more superior is Batman so he can decide for them all? And, where does this superiority come from?

Originally Posted by Nave 'Torment' View Post
I often wonder, has Batman really become the criminal on a much more literal level? Yes, we can argue all we want about his transcendence into a 'Dark Knight', but has he really become the criminal that must be stopped now? I believe this is what will prompt TDKR and what will bring Bane into the equation. But that isn't our concern right now. Batman does believe in Gotham City, but does he believe in himself any more?
Oh, he does believe in himself.

He believes in himself ONLY.

He believes in himself so much that he's ready to become a martyr. He's the chosen one to do it. Not because he has to, but because he's completely convinced he's superior to everyone else. He's Jesus, he's Ghandi, he's Neo. He's the 'Lamb of God', who sacrificed his life for all mankind's eternal life.

Nobody else in Gotham can accept the truth but him. So he decides above everyone else, that lying is the way to go. Selfsacrificing is his destiny.

But in the end a lie is a lie. And Batman's attitude of thinking in his own superiority is nothing but dangerous and dictatorial. He really thinks Batman needs to be eternal because otherwise... how could people's spirit possibly survive? Who else is going to decide what to hide from the rest and do it?

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