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Default Re: Do you wish Katie was in TDK, or do you wish Maggie was in BB?

I would have preferred Katie to be in TDK. I thoroughly liked the Rachel Dawes character in Batman Begins she seemed to have the most depth in a Batman film. She did come off as young, but at least she was just playing an assistant DA and not a judge. I liked how Rachel had a firm grip on right and wrong and how she unintentionally influenced Batman's morals and the lines he will not cross. She really seemed to be on the same length of Gordon in the morals category. In TDK she served no purpose and her character was much less likable; she still was unconvincing as a DA and I greatly feel that if she wasn't there she wouldn't be missed. I also felt using Rachel as the cause of Harvey becoming a villain was laughable; it's not like she is anyone's Lois Lane and their relationship did not come across as deep in any way.
As for Maggie's looks, I admit I did find it odd and unbelievable that Harvey Dent and Bruce Wayne would even want to be with this chick, her looks are a 2 and her personality is even less. Then you throw in the Joker who makes comments about how good looking she is and I just have to think he is blind.

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