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Default Re: Do you wish Katie was in TDK, or do you wish Maggie was in BB?

Originally Posted by Joker View Post
Well now lets see:

- Katie's first scene; She's trying to tell Bruce not to go to Chill's trial, and justifying him getting off on a technicality so they can get Carmine Falcone
- Second scene, she's slapping him in the face for wanting to kill Chill, and saying his father would be ashamed of him
- When they are reunited after he returns years later, she tells him he's too busy swimming with women, and what he does defines him
- When she delivers his birthday gift to him; "You enjoy your party, Bruce. Some of us have work to do"
- Then their final scene, where she tells him once he stops being Batman they can be together

What exactly does Katie do with the character other than nag Bruce, and take pot shots at his behavior every chance she gets? She can't even contain herself when she's just bringing him a gift on his birthday.

In TDK, the only time Rachel gets flat out upset with Bruce and has harsh words about him is when he lets Harvey take the fall for Batman.

She has variety in her personality, she has different colors. She gives Bruce both the Tough love and the delicate love. She is harsh and cold on him when theyre driving in a car and when she meets him by the hotel, at the same time shes completely vulnerable, understanding and sweet when they first meet before Chill's trial and when theyre both talking on the ruins of his mansion. The ONLY thing Maggie did was being annoyed and bi0tchy towards him. Thats what Im talking about, with her its just one color, no layers

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