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Default Re: Do you wish Katie was in TDK, or do you wish Maggie was in BB?

Originally Posted by Joker View Post
We must have been looking at two different characters then, man. Because all I saw was a prima donna who was always dictating to Bruce what he should do, and chastising him for what he wasn't doing.

In that case Alfred is also that prima donna. She was like a guide, a parent to him when he needed it. I guess it depends on POV, but like Nolan said, Rachel was Bruce's moral guide. Rachel was extremely wise and helped Bruce "tune up" when he got lost. She supported him when he needed it (she understood and accepted his will to attend the trial), she was very sweet and open to him (ending scene) and also when he deserved it she was harsh on him and gave him tough love and criticized him when he deserved it. The wise words of "its not who you are underneath" came from her, the whole "Bruce is your mask" statement did as well. She was sometimes sweet, sometims arrogant, sometime tough, sometime supportive, sometime criticizing. She was a trusted, childhood friend, love interest and parent at the same time

Maggie on the other hand didnt even understand Bruce (Harvey may not know when youre making fun of him but I do) and was constantly dismissive and annoyed by even his presence ("Yeah, fancy that"), not even listening to him and being so insensitive to his feelings, not even wanting to talk (Dont make me your only hope for a normal life), being so cold about it and just leaving him standing alone, not even willing to support him with some words and friendly talk or advice. She had only one dimension, one color, and that was a dime a dozen DA office worker who clearly didnt want anything to do with Bruce at all. And nothing but being mean to Bruce was the only thing she did

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