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Default Re: Kryptonite in first film... Extent of use?

Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post
Thing with Superman is... how can you possibly put his life in danger? Nothing works but Kryptonite. It has to be there.
Originally Posted by storyteller View Post
If I hear that bs idea that Superman can only be defeated by kryptonite again.......I'm going to troll that persons house. STAS did it well. The answer is technology. Can't kill supes with bullets.....into energy gun. Need someone to go toe to toe. Enter Parasite or the new Brainiac(who put Superman down without needing Kryptonite). Conventional weapons don't work on superman, so you create unconventional ones.
It is certainly possible to create life threatening scenarios without the use of Green K. It just requires the writers to decide on a consisent level of their meaning of 'invulnerable'.

Like don't have him spinning the world backwards in one scene, and then getting beaten by electricity in the next.

However, I love kryptonite. I shamefully consider it my Superman guilty pleasure. I never get tired of it

And I think it has it's place, it's a part of the mythos.

It's almost a cliched symbol. It is the symbol for 'every man has a weakness', and having it be this consistent, named, visual thing throught Superman lore is kind of cool. It's things like that, that make the story timeless. Because you can take all 'basic' elements of Superman (Clark, Lois, Superman triangle, Lex Luthor arch enemy, Kryptonite, Krypton exploding etc) and put them in the setting of whatever time your in, and they still work. Kryptonite is definitely a part of that basic element that runs through.

It's been consistently badly used, yes. But i'll be slightly dissapointed if it's not used at least a little bit in the film.

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