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Default Re: Visceral Batman Essays

It does have a negative implication, as Rachel said in her letter "If you lose your faith in me I hope that you do not lose your faith in people". Batman has not fully lost his faith in people, as he knew they would not blow up the other boat, but for some reason he thought to lie to them about Harvey. It is muddled for a reason.

What is important as well is the intentions behind the lie. I believe the Joker's entire scheme could really have been meant to break batman and bring him over to the joker's side of pragmatism. We know from the comics that this will never happen. However it isn't for lack of trying, even when batman, human as he is, falls. He gets back up and continues to pursue his ideals. The lie is definitely a fall a move toward pragmatically giving up ideals. His intentions though are to make a more perfect Gotham with this lie. And so though the action though might be good for the commonwealth, we will never truly know whether it helped or not. What is important is that it compromises Batman in a world where morality matters, it could destroy him personally from the inside out.

and Nave. Definitely post whatever you have.


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