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Default Re: Kryptonite in first film... Extent of use?

Originally Posted by JamalYIgle View Post
Based on Zod being in the film, Kryptonite absolutely has to be used. I'm sorry but Kryptonians are immortal, infinitely powerful and basically unstoppable by any other means. they don't need to eat or sleep, They only get tired until the utmost conditions. Kryptonite is the only leveler these beings have. That is unless you want humans running around firing red sun lasers.
Superman is the equal to Zod, and if you consider his "practice" using those powers Superman should have the advantage. If Zod breaks out of the Phantom Zone, sending him back is the resolution, sans Kryptonite.

When did Kryptonians achieve immortality. They can still die, can't they?

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