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Default Re: Kryptonite in first film... Extent of use?

Originally Posted by storyteller View Post
If I hear that bs idea that Superman can only be defeated by kryptonite again.......I'm going to troll that persons house. STAS did it well. The answer is technology. Can't kill supes with bullets.....into energy gun. Need someone to go toe to toe. Enter Parasite or the new Brainiac(who put Superman down without needing Kryptonite). Conventional weapons don't work on superman, so you create unconventional ones.

Lest we forget that magic is also one of his weaknesses.
I'm not saying introduce magic into the films lol, but other weaknesses must be considered.

As been mentioned in a previous post, Superman & Zod should be able to go toe-to-toe, as super-powered individuals whilst in the presence of (Earth's) yellow sun. Thereby making the threat of Kryptonite in order for Superman to have greater dramatic conflict/impact null and void.

I do think it should show up at some stage in the reboot, just not the first film please, as it is one of the key components of Superman mythology.

Also as with my point about Superman: The Animated Series, they did kinda de-power Superman because they didn't want him to be an all invincible being, as they thought no conflict or pain would be boring, so what it would really come down to is how invulnerable you make the Man of Steel; i.e. do you make him this all supreme near-God like being, or make it like even a threat that you would expect him to survive can hurt a bit.

E.g. Season 1 of Smallville, Clark is bulletproof, yet the bullets still inflict pain by giving him bruises

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