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Default Re: Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread!

Okay so last Tuesday. I finally got my Elfman and Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box. I finally started listening to it yesterday. With Pee Wee and Beetlejuice. I'll try to listen to Batman (which I 'll talk about in Music box thread since it was talking Batman and BR being in the collection) soon. I want to bump this thread and keep it alive.

Anyway I thought the Pee Wee score was nice. I'm not that familiar with the film. Haven't seen it all in it's entirety in years. The sound quality of the score is great and sounds brand new. I've heard that it's still missing some tracks. But I enjoyed it. It's probably one of Elfman's wackiest and most fun scores he's ever written. It's neat to listen to now b/c he's really evolved from that sound and style. As well as matured as a film composer.

Beetlejuice was also great. Still missing a few tracks as well. i'm not complaining. It's good that they added back in Elfman singing "Day-O" in the "Main Title" track. They dialed him out of the main title on the original album. It was real nice to hear the source music for the waiting room scenes he wrote. As well as the Beetlejuice commercial. I thought it was neat how they put his synth mock-up of the main title (that Elfman claims only Burton has only heard). It sounded exactly like the way it was in the film. Almost, anyway.

I enjoyed both scores, eventhough I have the original albums from both. Hopefully I'll be able to listen to both Batman and Edward Scissorhands tonight.

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