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Default Re: Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread!

Originally Posted by theman View Post
the lalaland extended B89 elfman score CD is friggin AMAZING! i got it a couple months ago and its got sooooooooo much of elfmans music on it, even the jokers commercial music!
Thanks for posting it's nice to reply to someone up here other than myself. I agree with you I have both LLLcds to B89 and BR. As well as their original albums that I got a little over a decade ago. I hope LLL is working on BF ( I missed out on the original album) and B&R, which never got a release.

But yeah I plan on listening to the music box version to B89's score tonight. It has the original album's tracks with the same edits. As well as bonus tracks (some of the bonus tracks LLL already released) it also worktapes and synth demos of some cues that Elfman composed . I can't wait to hear it.

I've also heard that the "Batwing I" cue has the complete ending in the Music Box release. The LLL release edited a few seconds at the end. I think the prince song (Trust) cut it off in the film. I think that had something to do with why they couldn't recover the rest of the cue, which is probably only a few seconds. Can't wait to hear it.

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