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Default Re: Kryptonite in first film... Extent of use?

Originally Posted by afan View Post
I never got Kryptonite weapons? Kryptonite is the weapon.
Fire is a weapon, but we still make flamethrowers.

It's just more effective when you channel it through a weapon. As a villain what would you rather do to defeat superman? Hold a rock in his face until he pales and eventually after a long time waiting, dies... or shoot at him with a kryptonite machine gun?

No that i want a kryptonite machine gun in this movie... but you get my meaning.

Originally Posted by afan View Post
Creative writing....using Kryptonite to challenge Zod would be equally as trite as using it to always challenge Superman.
I'm not implying that Superman should use kryptonite to challenge him... but perhaps have it be involved in how the fight eventually ends. Either by use of the army (which I'm not sure about), or maybe Zod knew about it and tried to use it, but it backfired on him... I don't know, like you said 'Creative Writing'.

Otherwise we end up with not very many options left of how to get rid of him... bar sending him to the phantom zone, which is just kind of a lame way to end a movie.

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