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Default Re: Kryptonite in first film... Extent of use?

Originally Posted by hopefulsuicide
It's just more effective when you channel it through a weapon. As a villain what would you rather do to defeat superman? Hold a rock in his face until he pales and eventually after a long time waiting, dies... or shoot at him with a kryptonite machine gun?

No that i want a kryptonite machine gun in this movie... but you get my meaning.
I would argue it's less effective.

Superman is.. "faster than a speeding bullet"...shoot a Kryptonite bullet at Superman and he easily steps out of it's path.....and in the next instant he is in the shooters face.... or assume he allows the bullet or bullets to hit creates a momentary weakness as it ricochets of his body to a distance at which it no longer has any affect....and in the next instant he is in the shooters face.

I suppose you could fire a weapon at him capable of encasing him in Kryptonite(a net perhaps), but you still have super-speed evasion to overcome.

The best way to deliver Kryptonite is to use cunning, exposing an isolated and unsuspecting Superman to it's radiation.

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