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Default Re: Kryptonite in first film... Extent of use?

Originally Posted by hopefulsuicide
That makes no sense... by your own arguement, it's not like you could sneak up to him with it!

Sure you can Luthor did it quite easily in S:TM.

I don't know why you think that a kryptonite bullet would richochet off his chest... has that ever happened before? I was always under the impression that his skin could be penetrated by kryptonite, and therefore a kryptonite bullet would cut through him just like it would us.
All depends on the iteration you accept or use. On "Smallville" yes, in SR yes.

However there also is the canon that Kryptonite is not like a "hot knife" to butter slicing through Superman. Rather it immediately incapacitates Superman making it physically impossible for him to act, but it does not rob him of his powers. His active abilities are neutralized, but his passive abilities(invulnerability) still protect him. Prolonged exposure kills him.

Yes, Superman is usually faster than a speeding bullet... but in several interpretations he has not been faster than a speeding Kryptonite Bullet... obviously the closer the bullet gets, the weaker and slower he becomes, especially if it were a machine gun round of bullets.
Always faster........Why would a Kryptonite bullet slow him down? He hears the gun firing, turns to see a glowing green bullet and moves out of it's path micro seconds after the bullet has left the gun. If he chooses to evade, it never even gets close.

The other factor to consider is the amount of Kryptonite that is available. It should be extremely rare, making it impossible to fabricate a Kryptonite net let alone a Kryptonite arsenal.

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