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Default Re: Official X-FORCE Discussion Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by The Morningstar View Post
Indeed. Brilliant character work going on right here. Anyone who thinks this book is just mindless violence really hasn't got a clue. Best X title on the shelves by a very big margin.

And it's a sad indictment on Marvel Editorial that the guy writing Deadpool on a team book understands the character better than the guy writing Deadpools solo book.
Agreed 100%. I would even say Best Marvel book out there. Theres alot of maturity going on here and these are all some pretty sad disturbed characters. Deadpool has to be more then just jokes cause that will only go so far with readers. That was a great moment when Fantomex calls him out on it in this issue. I hope they try to take the Deadpool solo book up a bit cause he needs some development. I liked how Way wrote him in Wolverine: Origins wanting to be accepted by the X men and all but now all he seems to give us is one liners and ridiculous plots that have no long term effect for the character.

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