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Default Re: Do you wish Katie was in TDK, or do you wish Maggie was in BB?

Originally Posted by jamesCameronOnl View Post
Incorrect. According to Nolan she was the moral guide for Bruce, and she was someone who derailed him form the wrong path and made him change his life. Plus everything Szetsilya said

In begins, she had plenty of functions and she was crucial to Bruce's development, his friend, support and love interest. In TDK shes only a damsel in distress, nothing more. Gylenhal admitted she is. And Maggie looks like shes in mid 40s btw, but we moved from the look talk
I'd like some links to where both of these statements were made, please, particularly Gyllenhaal's because this is what I've read from Gyllenhaal about the role:

"I met Chris and he was lovely and smart and thoughtful. He gave me the script to read and he said to me when he gave it to me, he said, 'She's not quite finished yet, this character.' It was early on and I guess it was a sort of early draft. I read it and I had a lot of ideas, and I guess for me there were two chief worries. One was that I wanted to make sure that I had Katie Holmes' blessing and I didn't want to get involved with it if I didn't. I also wanted to make sure that Chris wanted the character to be smart and feisty and fierce and a real whole thinking woman who cares just as much about making Gotham an honorable and safe place to live as any of these guys did. When I realized that Chris wanted exactly that, then I had to do it."

“She’s trying to figure out in a lot of the movie which of these two very honorable men is going about trying to change the world they live in a way that is more effective and better,” she says. Rachel’s final decision is a dramatic highpoint of the film that has far-reaching and devastating consequences for all three characters.

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