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Default Re: What was wrong with the current trilogy?

I was young when the Xmen cartoon was on but I dont recall Wolverine being focused on more than any other character. There was plenty of Jean, Scott, Rogue and Co. discussed and fleshed out as well. And in X-men Evolution, Wolverine was more of a secondary character.
I liked Wolverine as much as the next person but he defintely got too much screen time. Perhaps it is because the actors hired didn't fit their characters well enough. The only standouts amongst the mutants I can think of were Hugh, Ian, and Patrick. James as Scott was good but not as good as the other 3, plus he and his love interest were mismatched and didn't play off each other well.
I think the first trilogy was great, it just got thrown off by #3 which killed everybody; so the only way to remedy that is to reboot it.
Now another beef I had was Jean Grey; first, like most everyone else, I feel that Famke was miscast. Second I don't know why X3 even tried to tackle the Phoenix Saga. I have heard from people who read comics that the movie didn't even graze the surface of how powerful Jean as the Phoenix is. There are some things from comic books that I feel should not even be attempted in live action yet; The Phoenix, Darkseid, and Apocalypse are at the top of my list.

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