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Default Re: The Official GAMBIT Discussion thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by iamlegend View Post
It was a pretty cool ep, and I was thoroughly impressed that the series never even hinted at the Gambit/Rogue pairing during his two appearances. Both of his episodes were very much about Gambit, and let the character stretch his legs and do things that he hasn't done in the comics since the mid-90s...
Aces and Eights was definitely one of my favorite episodes in that series, although he took out Kurt

I thought his characterization was pretty good, an improvement from the earlier episode (Thieves' Gambit?). The only problem was that he seemed a bit too greedy. I never thought that money was such a motivating factor for him from reading the comics. And I have trouble imagining him doing something that would possible kill innocent people on purpose-in the comics, he turned on the Marauders as soon as he saw them killing Morlocks. I guess if his connection to Sinister was made clear in the series, I would buy into it more.

But otherwise it was 100% pure Remy-I loved how he "seduced" Polaris! And the fight scene with Senyaka (sp?) and Mellencamp was one of the best in the series, and they were very creative in the use of his powers (he charged water!!!!!). He really kicked butt in WATXM! And all the sarky comments and the usual Gambit arrogance ("If I had wanted to steal your helmet, you would have simply woken up without it.") It's a shame we aren't getting a season 2. In an interview, one thing that was mention by either Greg Johnson or Joshua Fine was that they couldn't explore Gambit's transformation from villain to hero. That would have been a great mini-story arc! Oh well....

In other news, I heard Gambit had a good showing in the Daken issue this week.

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