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Default Re: Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread!

Okay since Friday. I've listened to Mars Attacks!, Sleepy Hollow, POTA 2001, Big Fish, C&TCF, TBCB, Alice, Oddities and Ends, & Curios and Curiouser.

I've never owned the 1996 original soundtrack (that's been long OOP) of Mars Attacks!. However I do own LLL expanded reissue album they released two years ago around this time. Once again they released the original 1996 album tracks (excluding the Tom Jones song and the song that kills the martians) and some of the tracks that the LLLCD released. Only thing that's new is the extended film version of "The Landing", which was nice. Excluding that track you're not missing much from the LLLCD.Which has more music.

Sleepy Hollow has the original tracks from the 1999 album with five bonus tracks. The album sounds nice. I liked that they added the film version of the main title in the bonus tracks. I always wanted to hear the film version seperate from the film. The bonus tracks also had the scene where Ichabod was fooled into thinking he saw the Headless Horseman, when it was really Brom and his friends making a prank. The music from that scene is different from the film. The film tracked music from other scenes in that scene. It also had the cue to the hilarious scene involving Phillipse's death where his head does this wacky twirl after the horseman slice it clean off. I think it's still missing a few tracks (not much) from the film.

POTA has every track from the original 2001 album including "Rule The Planet Remix". I think it has 5 or 6 extra tracks. Still not the complete score. But I liked the tracks they added from the film. They also added the "Main Title" with synth and percussion only as well as "Camp Raid" with percussion only. Very nice. "Dinner Source" was also good. You can't really hear it in the film. Hopefully this will get a real expanded C&C release. I'm a real fan of this score.

Big Fish has all the tracks excluding the songs (except "Twice The Love") from the 2003 album. Boy was this a treat to listen to. I think it's most of the score. It' missing very little of music. It still kept the album edits of the original album. But it's good to finally hear "Spotting Sandra" without the picture. I enjoyed every track. I'm glad the academy nominated Elfman's score. The nomination was well deserved. The worktapes and demos were also interesting to hear b/c you hear the themes that made the film but some ideas didn't make the film. Very interesting.

C&TCF contained all of the original album tracks. As well as bonus tracks. A lot of them were a treat to hear without the picture. This score was always a lot of fun to listen to. I can tell Elfman had a ball with this score. Still missing some cool tracks like when Augustus Gloop gets stuck in the chocolate river pipe, when Charlie's dad found Charlie a toothpaste top at his job so Charlie could finish his design with toothpaste tops of Wonka and his factory, as well as the film version of the boat ride. But I still enjoyed it. It also had an interesting demo of an unused Boatride cue which was very wacky and fun.

TBCB has the same tracks as the original 2005 album with bonus tracks and worktapes and demos. I don't believe it's the complete score . Not that familiar with the film. Only seen it twice 5 years ago. It still has the album edits of the original album so it might not be everything. This is a jazzy, Victorian-esque and sweet score from Elfman. Should've been nominated for best original score. And "Remains of the Day" should've been nominated for best original song. I always have a blast listening to that song. Elfman singing it really makes it all the more special, imo. I even enjoy this score as much as TBTNBC. I also want to add that they took the vocals out of the two piano tracks that comes at the end of both tracks.

Alice in Wonderland has the same tracks as the original 2010 album. With bonus tracks including 3 demos of "Alice's Theme" as well as the first recording that originally didn't have the lyrics. Which if you're a fan of the theme will really enjoy. I know I did. The score is far from complete. And it kept the synthesised chorus in the track "Proposal (Down the Hole)" instead of the film version of tbe same cue. But the album is better than nothing b/c Disney will never reissue an expansion of this score probably ever again. So more music is better than none. At least to me.

I'll talk about "Oddities and Ends" and "Curios and Curiouser" later when I finish the "Notes and Notions" and my bonus disc. But I've been really enjoying this music box (no surprise). Can't wait to dig into that book soon.

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