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Default Re: Bryan Singer: Why 'Superman Returns' Didn't Work

Originally Posted by hopefulsuicide View Post
I think it is obviously going to be difficult for Singer to see what was wrong with his movie. He made it, and he made it how he wanted it, and so it appeals to him in every way.

However, what he's not doing at all, is acknowledging OUR opinions of what was wrong with the film and learning from it. He's basically very unapologetic about it.

He says nothing about the casting, nothing about the use of yet another 'land' scheme from Lex, nothing about the humungous plot hole of the 'superman's kid' story... or anything else that fans have actually pointed out as the flaws.

Instead he seems to be suggesting that SR bombed because audiences can't handle something that 'deep' from their hollywood summer blockbusters...

Arrogant or what?

And to keep harking on about how Superman is like Jesus and Moses and that's what the movie was about? And to suggest that he was trying to make a comic book movie that girls would line up to see? ... It's just really hard to read stuff like that and actually respect his opinion.

I think what SuperDaniel was saying, and I agree with, is that he obviously hasn't listened to what we think is wrong with the movie... like he's just ignorant to it, and has come up with his own justifications for why the movie failed (that put NONE of it down to any mistakes HE made).

I think Singer's biggest problem is that he really only has one reference point and that's the Donner films, and I don't think he actually understood them. I think he latched onto one aspect of the character with which he identified and ran with it. His perspective on the characters and the Superman universe is extremely limited and he just didn't know how to tell a good Superman story based on that one reference point and the one angle of the character- loneliness. To base a whole Superman story around that and have it dominate all aspects of the film including story, theme and tone is just a recipe for disaster.

Essentially his version of SUperman attempts to show that the only reason he accepts Earth as his home is that because of Jason he's finally not alone. That's just incorrect in every way. Earth is his home b/c despite his biology he's emotionally human. And Singer didn't understand that Jor-El was wrong when he said "You aren't one of them." The whole point of Superman: The Movie and SUperman II is to show that he IS human and he has to forego a normal human life b/c his responsibilty to be SUperman is so great and he CHOOSES to do the selfless thing b/c he's been raised by the Kents to be a good person- a selfless person.

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