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Default Re: Bryan Singer: Why 'Superman Returns' Didn't Work

He said he first became aware of Superman because of the george Reeves show and said he had watched Smallville.

Perhapes It would have been better Instead of an sequel to Superman and Superman II
If he would have just started over but done things that pay homage to the Richard Donner films but aren't outright contunion of them(Keeping the crystal themes on Kryptan,Having Jor-El similar to Marlon brando's version,Jonathan dying,a smilar fortress of solitude,A bumbling Clark,A Superman/Lois/Clark traingle similar to DOnner film) with new things(Like having Lex totally removed from Hackman version and being more In Line with post cris Lex)

Man of steel will likely be another extrem.While Singer only used the Donner films(which are based on SIlver age SUperman) the new film will likely Ignore the silver age and only use the various contunitys post Crisis.

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