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Default Re: OFFICIAL: Rate & Review Iron Man 2 continued...

Recently watched Iron Man 2 again(I have a huge gallery of movies, but never bought the Iron Man films until a week ago, lol...shame on me I suppose). Now, even though Iron Man 2 was nowhere near the first one, it had its moments and it was just a fun ride. Were there things in the film that I could nag about? Yes, mostly with Rhodes(I wanted Howard!!!), but, I thought the movie was an amazing film, and not a poor film from Marvel Studios.

I understand that they wanted to build up the Avengers storyline and they did such, but you can very much feel an Iron Man story in this film as well, that was fleshed out. The whole "legacy" theme went through and through, and I was enjoyed by the Ivan Vanko storyline. Sure, the final match was a bit too fast, but if you think about it, the Ivan battle started as soon as the drones went crazy as they were commanded by Ivan himself. He seemed like a genius in the film, although why he decided to make his suit look like Obadiah's, I have no idea.

My questions from after this movie? Will Justin Hammer be back. Now, I don't think his threat to Potts will come to fruition, as it more or less scared Pepper(which could be a factor on why she resigned...but, besides that, will we ever hear Virginia or is Pepper her name in the series? Lol), but I believe Hammer could play a part with the Ten Rings storyline.

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