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Default Re: Batman After Nolan

I would love to see a Batman Beyond trilogy after this. The first (Batman Beyond) about how Bruce gave up being Batman and a the creation of a new one, with Derek Powers and Shriek as the villains. Then Batman Beyond:Spellbound, with Spellbinder and Mad Stan as the villains which would take parts from the episode where Gordon though Batman killed Mad Stan. Basically about the cops not accepting Batman at first but realizing that they need him. The final film, Batman Beyond:Vengenage would be about Shriek and now Blight taking revenge on Batman for what he did to them. Loosely based on the Ascension and Babel episodes. I know I used Powers and Shriek twice, but I figure Powers wouldn't be seen as Blight until the final film and Shriek would be easily dealt with in the first film for time restrains.

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