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Default Re: Bryan Singer: Why 'Superman Returns' Didn't Work

I just felt Singer tried to pander to Donner's films too much. The most annoying thing, for me, was Lex. I've never liked the portrayal of Lex in the Donner films. Hackman was a good villain, but he wasn't a good Lex. Same applies to Stacey.

Why not make your own film with your own vision?

I thought Marsen's character was more likable and relatable than Superman.

Kate Bosworth was a TERRIBLE choice for Lois Lane. And the whole subplot with the kid didn't really add much apart from TV soap opera melodrama. It could have worked, i guess. But it didn't.

The action scenes were beyond mediocre.

In short, I wanted to see a NEW Superman film. Not a rehash that had a poorly characterised titular character. A terribly cast Lois Lane. And NONE of the wow factor of the original two movies.

A movie about Superman should be awe inspiring. This movie didn't come anywhere near that level.

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