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Default Re: Bryan Singer: Why 'Superman Returns' Didn't Work

Originally Posted by Showtime View Post
SuperDaniel has been a solid poster and was one of the few who stuck by Cavill through all of it, but lately it's SR talk everywhere all the time...and it's not the talk that is bothering's the way it is presented. Same comments over and over again. I directed him to talk in here, which he obliged and did, but its the manner in which he posts.

I normally leave you guys alone and let you do your thing, but complaints are complaints and I am getting them.
Its funny...when i get to talk in a thread about SR and the reasons it failed and put my opinions on it, you guys bash me. lol. I understood i was wrong to post thoughts on other threads but you guys complaining about me talking about it here is a bit ridiculous, imo.

Sorry but you guys feel like dictators and we cant talk about anything else anymore freely. This is a thread about why SR didnt work. What the hell am i supposed to talk here then?

i thought america was the land of freedom and not policing. Im not bashing any posters or calling people's names. Im bashing Singer and the movie because he is obviously clueless about the problems of the movie.

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