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Default Re: Bryan Singer: Why 'Superman Returns' Didn't Work

El payaso, the Spider-man scene has more to do with the hero's sacrifice than jesus. Its a fleeting moment in the movie and we get it. In Sr is in your face all the time. You cant possible compare Spider-man to the way Superman has wrongly been portrayed in the movies.

Superman is not and should not be a jesus allegory. He is an allegory of greek gods, moses etc. His creators were jews and did not believe in Jesus.

Donner just didnt understand the character's roots also which is why am glad this new movie is going in a different direction.

The difference is...In the Donner movies this is just a small problem i have with it and i can excuse it because it is was the 70's and it is a great and a fun movie with a bunch of awesome scenes. Cant say the same for SR. And every little problem I have with it becomes greater than it is because of expectations I have for a modern Superman movie and what can be done with the character after reading so many great stories in the comics.

Singer never read the comics and he does not get Superman as whole. He gets on interpretation of it.

The whole problem with SR is that the story is an interpretation of a interpretation of a story about Superman done in the 70's. And not a story about SM himself in modern times.

The whole plot of the movie and the Luthor characterization and his land plan is simply ridiculous and doesnt work anymore. It barely did in the 70s but in 2006 both are unnaceptable and a joke.

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