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Originally Posted by Danalys View Post
there's black widow and hawkeye planned as well.

it's hard to really think how they are going to manage all these properties. while still having the big summer blockbusters. because after ironman 3 there's an opening in their summer blockbuster cycle. after cap 3 thor 3, hulk 3 (i wish) and avengers 3 they need something big if they want to compete in the summer. which of all the above characters do they think they can make a big splash with? who knows. will they recast the avengers and start new trilogies?
Black Widow and Hawkeye have no characterization in these films and I don't think the time they get in Avengers will be sufficient to warm audiences up to an idea of a spinoff. They can put them in the SHIELD movie and then feel things out from there.

They won't just be making Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man movies, they're also launching characters like Dr. Strange and Black Panther, plus the intergalactic team movie(s.) Strange, Panther, Ant-Man, and even a character like Iron Fist all have the potential to become film trilogies which also tie into the crossovers.
Their goal is probably to emulate the Avengers comics and build up a roster of characters who can feature in an Avengers movie once they've done their series with the original team of Thor, Iron Man, Captain America. They can't have Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, but Hawkeye and Black Widow were part of that "second generation" of Avengers in the comics and they're working to establish them now.

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