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Default Re: MCU: The Marvel Cinematic Universe Official Discussion

I've seen a lot of people in this thread (and others) mentioning that this is something DC won't do or DC is afraid to do. Good. I like what Marvel is doing, because the characters are designed to interact and work together. That works out easier, because most of Marvel's major characters were created by the same guy. But with DC characters they have their own separate, gigantic mythologies, especially the Big 6. Not to say there's something wrong with either company, but I prefer Marvel heroes working together because that's how they were designed and DC's heroes exploring their worlds alone because that's how they were designed, besides obvious team-ups like the Green Lantern Corps. for Hal, Robin for Batman, or Kid Flash for Flash.

2011: "This movie sucked because of executive meddling."

2016: "This movie sucked because it didn't have a designated meddling executive."
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