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Default Re: Superman the Movie = STILL the greatest superhero movie

Originally Posted by raybia View Post
Even though this movie was made in 1978, even though special effects have evolved nine fold since then, even though TDK was an Oscar calibre movie, even though the movie is painfully dated in the 1970s, Superman the Movie is still the greatest superhero movie ever made in larger part because it presented itself as a modern day mythology that gave respect to that mythology and took it seriously and as a result the epicness that was intended by the film makers was successfully translated on film.

This lack of respect and taking the mythology seriously was apparent by Superman III when the studio though that merely sticking the Superman label onto an inferior product would be sufficient to giving them the bottom line results they wanted.

I expect that TDKR will be the movie that creatively will finally replace Superman the movie as greatest superhero movie of all time but it should be the expectations of WB, Nolan and Co. to make MOS the movie to displace it whether they are successful in their intention or not. Why make this movie if you don't think you can do it better.

When they had Richard Pryor ski off the top of a skyscraper and live, I knew they'd lost the plot and all pretense that they were actually treating the subject matter seriously. The buffoonery started to get out of hand somewhat with Lester's Superman 2, but kicked into high gear in S3. I hope MOS is totally serious, but with a few 'real life' funny moments like in TDK.

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