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Default Re: Bryan Singer: Why 'Superman Returns' Didn't Work

Originally Posted by Matt View Post
It seems to me like he's saying, "Its the audience's fault, they didn't get it!" I never like when directors go that route to justify a bad box office. Its too easy. Look internally. SR got some things right (the plane scene, for example). But it also got a lot wrong. Singer should look internally, see what he did wrong and try to grow as a filmmaker from that. Blaming the audience is just a cop out.
Where exactly does Singer blame the audience? That's simply not true.

He said that the taget audience was wrong. And guess who was the obvious one to think about it in the first place? Himself.

He never said "Audiences didn't get the movie." He said that the target audience for his Superman movie wasn't the right one for a Superman/action/summer blockbuster movie.

He even says that he should have thought about it but that "when you're making a movie, you're not thinking about that stuff." That is where he puts the blame on himself. He favored his approach over the target audience for a summer blockbuster movie. And that's the mistake he admits.

And even says that if he were to make another Superman movie he wouldn't do it that way. If he were blaming the audience he wouldn't be admitting that a different approach would have been better.

Originally Posted by Bruce_Begins View Post
Since many here are determined to compare Spider-Man movies to SR.

And where is Spider-Man 4 ? A movie with stranger plot points (Spider-Man 3) which many considered as exciting when it was released and made ton of money ?

Lets face some facts, both Singer and Sam Raimi are a fan of Donner Superman movies (So is Nolan.) In fact the first Spider-Man movie has many parallels with STM, second Spider-Man movie follows Superman 2 in many areas, third Spider-Man movie is close in many respects to Superman 3.

Superman as a Character is often compared to Moses and Jesus both in Comics and Movies, as Singer was making SR a part of existing Donnerverse Superman, it was to be expected.

I would say that Spider-Man character was created by taking inspiration form Superman.

Anyone who disagrees is not willing to look at these points.
Absolutely. The approach was nmpot for everybody. But complaining about the Jesus references as if they were Singer's idea when there have been there from STM, well... I mean just google 'Superman Jesus' and you'll find a huge number of people who have made the parallels before around the world.

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