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Default Re: Bryan Singer: Why 'Superman Returns' Didn't Work

Moreover, the whole movie based around the idea that Superman left without saying goodbye. Sorry but the Superman I know and the Superman showed in SII specifically said "I won't let you down again". Singer didnt even get the facts right when he wrote his messed up story and sequel that not even him understood what was cannon or not. He simply selected parts from it that he liked or not. Moreover, Superman would call a press conference, like Superman IV or even Lois & Clark, and explain what is going on. And he would also tell Lois if they were romantically involved and that is what a Superman does.
Superman has human emotions just like any other man. Nobody would be on their right mind if they had the opportunity to visit the remnants of their home with the faintest chance that there might be any survivor.

He gave Lois that interview as to why he left, so that covers any press conference.

This "I was afraid to tell the truth" simply doesn't work with Superman.
It worked wonders when he turned back time to distort, or sometimes even vanquish the truth.

What a model fella.

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