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Default Re: Caleb Landry Jones cast as Banshee

Originally Posted by gkokujin View Post
what the hell comics have YOU been NOT reading?
I don't know, I guess I've just somehow missed Banshee walking around with the other X-men in everything I've currently been reading after the unfortunate event of this:

... Or, did you guys want me to rephrase "very limited run" to something more along the lines of "the while he lasted in Eath 616 before he bit it..?"

I think my words are just being taken all wrong. It's not like I'm jumping up and down, cheering like about the fact that one of my top three favorite characters is dead or something. I'm just saying, it happens. It's his fate. It's as inevitable as Xavier going bald and ending up in a wheel chair. And I'm glad that, in THIS film, he's so young, that he WON'T be meeting this tragic end SO EARLY ON.


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