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Default Re: Bryan Singer: Why 'Superman Returns' Didn't Work

Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post

Really, hopeful, you can't tell me what people do based on 2 or 3 cases. I can immediatelly tell you of people who don't know the old Donner movies and yet they liked SR. Big deal.

Good. And his opinion is different. U mad because he doesn't agree with you?

But right or wrong, he's not blaming the audience.
I'm not TELLING you anything. I (as you can tell by my repeated use of IMO) am just giving my opinion.

The way that the interview reads, to me, does not sound like he is owning up to the flaws of the movie.

It sounds like a man who is reluctant to admit there is anything wrong with his movie, and that it failed due to reasons outside of the movie itself.

Other than admitting that he made the movie HE wanted, he doesn't admit any of it's flaws.

I personally found the tone of the interview a bit arrogant.

I've seen an interview with J.J Abrams where he gets asked about his Superman script and makes a joke at his own expense. He understands that he really missed the mark with that. I just wish that Singer would have that sense of humility and be able to look back and go 'yeah, maybe the super kid was a bad move'.

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