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Default Re: Bryan Singer: Why 'Superman Returns' Didn't Work

Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post
Same way, Singer is not telling anything but his opinion.

Now, if you tell me he's blaming the audience at least tell me how. Because he keeps saying that it was the movie that wasn't aimed to the right audience and that he would make it different if he were to make another one, not that the audience was uanble to 'get it' or anything of the like.

The flaws he sees in the movie or the flaws you see? Should we blame the guy for not having the same opinion about the movie that you have?

Nolan liked the movie and also did Raimi, what can I tell you? Different people, different opinions.

First thing he says: "I think that Superman Returns was a bit nostalgic and romantic." Is that blaming the audience or the movie?

Second thing: "and I don't think that was what people were expecting, especially in the summer." Is that blaming the audience? He knows what people wants to see but he was thinking of something else. Is that blaming the audience?

Now, what seems to be unforgivable for you is that he's not saying the things you want to hear about the movie. Just his opinion. Hopeful, as you are well-educated on what opinions are, you'll understand.
Yes, I do want him to acknowledge some of the popular criticisms of the movie. Not just MY criticisms, but criticisms many many fans have made.

I don't feel he's done that at all. He seems to have turned a blind eye to all that, and given an opinion of why his films failed that makes him sound good. The 'mistakes' that he admits too, are IMO very reluctant. By saying that he made a 'nostalgic' movie and that if he had a chance again he'd make a balls to the wall action movie, it feels as though he's saying that if he could do it again, he'd make a movie that catered more towards people that don't go to the cinema for anything but thrills.

As a girl, I would probably have loved a girly, sentimental superman movie in some ways. A Lois and Clark love story, with some cool action moments. SR could have been this in a lot of ways, and there are parts of it that I do like. There just is so much more to the reasons it didn't work, than it being directed at the wrong audience IMO.

Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post
As I read, he admits he didn't think of the audience and that sounds like his fault. He says that he would do a different thing if he made another one - reboot, wall-to-wall action movie - which sounds different from "Meh, I'd make a sequel of course since the movie was perfect."

I can respect your opinion, but what Singer says tells me a different thing than arrogance.
I guess that's what bothers me though - that instead of analysing what is wrong with the actual storyline and casting and anything else of the film he created, he's just saying that the TYPE of movie that he created isn't what people wanted. That he'd make a different type of movie. But as he says, with the movie itself, he'd only tighten the first act.

Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post
Yeah, well, Abrams' script was a different thing. When you make Luthor a Kryptonian and Krypton a planet that never exploded, that's a different story. But if Abrams said that the movie needed to be done first to see the possibilities of his script, who's to say it couldn't have?

In Singer's case, why admitting the kid was a bad move if he doesn't think so? And sincerely neither do I. SR needed more action, yes. But not everybody will think the same things as you, and not doing it is not being arrogant. Now, expecting other people to do it or you'll label them as arrogant on the other hand...
He doesn't have to agree that the kid was a bad move. I'd just like him to acknowledge the reasons why people didn't think it worked, and give the reasons why he thinks it does.

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