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Default Batman Forever had the best merchandising of ALL the Batman films

say what you will about Batman Forever or joel schumacher, but there is absolutly no denying that the the merchandising for batman forever was the best the franchise has ever had. BATMAN may have done better at the box office but there was hardly any good merchandise or toys for the film as the studio wasnt prepared for the mega hit it turned out to be. Batman Returns did do better this time and did have a nice toy collection by kenner along with a mcdonalds deal and all that but the film wasnt exactly the kind of film you could market well with kids and the toy line while it had a few cool vehicles, alot of it was just repaints and the penguin figure was terrible and just a superpowers repaint.

however with Batman Forever, not only did schumacher give the proper licenses to all the major companies, but then you had ALL that cool stuff at the warner brothers studio store, all the different flashy gizmo's, tin cans, those amazing glass mugs at mcdonalds, but the truly amazing bit of merchandising was Kenner's line of figures toys vehicles and playsets. it was HUGE.completely new sculpts with awsome looking and creative batamn variants, almost every figure was a different bodysculpt and there were plenty of new villian figures and sculpts, some 2 packs with movie accurate weapons, others with very neat gadgets and sculpts. then the vehicles, the film had 3, the batnmobile, batplane and batboat, which were so incredibly awsome looking and had LOTS of detail, cool electronic features or transforming ability. then you had that HUGE tri-level playset that had all the new sculpts and wasnt just a repaint of the Returns playset (which they also had as well). it was an amazing run of toys that even the more toyetic batman and robin couldnt out do.

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