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Default Re: Bryan Singer: Why 'Superman Returns' Didn't Work

Originally Posted by SuperDaniel View Post
It wasn't meant to be an order. I mean that if people keep quoting me, ill have to answer and i just realized this conversation with these select posters about the movie isnt going anywhere because there are huge differences of opinions and understanding of the movie. So i said, leave me out of this conversation because i've talked enough about SR for the past 5 years. Agree to disagree is what I meant. Time to move on.
That's how it came off, and you know it. You're a smart enough poster to know what you were saying when you typed it out.

If they want to quote you during a debate (especially in a thread intended to be a debate arena like this), they can if they so please. Now. It's time to move on.

Originally Posted by Zack Snyder View Post
I gotta say after seeing how forceful you have been with opinions in the past, this is like Twilight Zone territory
Unlike you pulling up old quotes to passively aggressively start fights and then claim you weren't trying to (when it was clear to everyone else you were being troll-ish)? Or making up claims, acting "cranky" and then backing down because "you've been up since 5" after being called out on it?

Keep it up.

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