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Default Re: Bryan Singer: Why 'Superman Returns' Didn't Work

Originally Posted by hopefulsuicide View Post
It's not 2,000 different points that we are talking about. It's the popular few... i'd say these two are the one's that need acknowledging the most.

1. The kid (and the fact Lois doesn't remember even having sex with Superman in the first place).
What is really rong about the kid? The fatherhood theme has been there since the very first movie with Jor-El.

Now, where is this "fact" ever mentioned in the movie? Because it is not. How can, then, be a fact?

Originally Posted by hopefulsuicide View Post
2. The rehashing of Lex's 'land' plan, that also made no sense (he was going to kill millions of people by launching an illegal weapon into the sea and created a land mass... how he thought he would OWN the rights to it, and be able to sell it and make money is beyond me. Ever heard of planning permission?).
Wel, let's say Luthor has an alien weapon that can destroy any country that dares to interfere with him. Which wasn't the case in STM. Old-school world taking-over villian.

Originally Posted by hopefulsuicide View Post
That's exactly the point... it's not mentioned, and very much should be, since SR is supposedly a sequel to Superman 2, set 5 years into the future...

And yet they fail to mention the fact that in Superman 2, we have a 'super kiss' that makes her forget who he is and what they 'did'.
You're apparently thinking that the sex scene in SII as the only time they had sex. Not necessarily.

But yes, I agree, some subjects should have been explained more. That is in my personal list of SR flaws.

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