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Default Re: Antje Traue IS Faora in The Man of Steel

Originally Posted by DorkyFresh View Post
i'm giving it a pass, simply because he can't get big name actors and actresses for EVERY speaking role. i'm not expecting him to cast Jimmy as a big name.
Oh, I wasn't expecting big names, per se. Cavill and Shannon would certainly be labeled more as up-and-comers still. It's that I was so used to being thrilled with every announcement, this one caught me off guard because I'm completely unfamiliar with her.

I'm intrigued by the choice, however. Henry's casting I can understand, because you practically need a new face for that role. I figured Zack would continue casting established actors around him. Antje is the rookie here, without a single prominent role or a very large resume. Curious as to how she nabbed it considering she's only had one English-speaking role.

No biggie, though. This has piqued my interest more than it has raised my concerns. Plus I really like her look. She's got a very sexy vibe about her. Not in a typical model-like way, more of she can probably rough me up and I'd probably enjoy it type of thing.

She's got that heartless and commanding demeanor down pat. Has a nice build to look like a convincing fighter as well as maintaining her femininity. Looks-wise I couldn't be more pleased with her.

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