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Default Re: Bryan Singer: Why 'Superman Returns' Didn't Work

There’s an internal timeline that can be understood. And it certainly helps that there are no obvious discontinuities with, say, electric typewriters in a first film suddenly being upgraded to keyboards and flatscreens in its sequel.
No, its the same principle. Only the gap is larger. If Iron Man takes place in 2009, why is Stark using cell phones from 2007? Someone so up to date on the latest tech would never carry such "outdated" gadget.

Even with generous wiggle room, a “sliding timeline” can’t reconcile a conception that occurs in or around 1980 and the birth of a child some twenty years later.
But it can. Because the child won't be conceived in the 80's but closer to the millenium. It is the same concept applied in the comics. How long has it been in the Marvel universe since Superheroes started appearing? A little over a decade. Yet "over a decade" was the 40's. It is all part of the suspension of disbelieve process.

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