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Default Re: What Villian Should be in the Sequel?

Comparing BRB to War Machine is valid, IMO. War Machine should have waited probably until at least the 3rd movie or beyond before showing up(of course I obviously DID want him to show up eventually). This seems to be a problem that many a studio has with these franchises. They rush really popular characters & storylines in without there having been enough time to really make them fit right. And this at least started back when Singer's X-Men films began. I mean, by the end of the 2nd film and you're ALREADY teasing the Dark Phoenix storyline for the next movie? And I could go on and on. Symbiote saga in SM3? War Machine in IM2? Rumors that Capt.Stacey will likely only be in one movie in the new Spidey franchise and then killed off? FF2 already at the Galactus storyline?

I mean it's like these studio execs are prepubecent teenagers on prom night who can't hold their wad long enough to actually get some lovin' and end up going in their boxers. Have some self control for God's sake. You want these properties to last a long time, right?

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