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Default Re: Superman the Movie = STILL the greatest superhero movie

it was (and still is) on of my favorite movies as a kid,and i love Reeve's performance as both Kal-El and Clark...he looks,acts,moves,and feels like...hell,he IS Superman!

that's not to say there aren't problems,most of which have been covered 2 biggest:

when Clark kicks the football....he doesn't kick it at a high enough angle to enter orbit,so it likely landed SOMEWHERE on Earth....and with that velocity...i always pictured like some family in France or Italy sitting in a field,laying on a blanket,watching the stars...a father showing his young son the Big Dipper...the ancient Greek constellations...when suddenly the area is impacted by a small object travelling at roughly 400- 500 miles per hour ,impacting with the force of a small meteor,leaving a half-mile wide crater and tuning the entire familt to red mist....YAY CLARK!! GO SMALLVILLE!!!

when he hops off the window ledge,and his clothes just....they just disappear! what the ****!!??

...that said,i honestly think it's the perfect filmed representation of Superman...the SILVER AGE Superman,that is,who used to have such godlike powers to the point where he once said his sneeze could destroy the solar system!! so,yeah,it catches that goofy,cheesy vibe quite well,i think...

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