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Default Re: MCU: The Marvel Cinematic Universe Official Discussion

Until you hear otherwise, assume there's a second movie coming Summer 2012. Since they put Runaways on ice, Ant-Man sounds like the next closest to going ahead.
If you really want to figure out what the Marvel slate for the next several years will look like, think of it this way: two Summer slots per year:

2012 [] []
2013 [] []
2014 [] []
2015 [] []
2016 [] []
2017 [] []

Two films have dates officially announced:

2012 [Avengers] []
2013 [Iron Man 3] []
2014 [] []
2015 [] []
2016 [] []
2017 [] []

Here are the films that are most likely to happen in that time frame, either because they are sequels to existing films, already have screenplays in development, or have been mentioned (repeatedly) by Kevin Feige:
Captain America 2, Thor 2, Avengers 2, S.H.I.E.L.D., Ant-Man Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Iron Fist, Inhumans, Guardians of the Galaxy.
Ant-Man is very likely the second film in 2012.
I'm guessing Inumans would be a cosmic, spacefaring series, in which case you'd probably flip a coin to decide whether it or Guardians of the Galaxy happens. Feige's emphasis on the cosmic stuff indicates they definitely want to do at least one of these.
From this point, they almost assuredly will continue to lead the summer in May with a highly recognizable film (a sequel) and follow it up with a new character or group concept. That means Thor 2, Cap 2, the SHIELD movie would take those May dates over stuff like Dr. Strange. Remember that Thor was originally intended to come out in the same summer as Iron Man 2.
So, dropping the sequels into May slots on the calendar (and assuming a 2012 release for Ant-Man,) you could get something like this:

2012 [Avengers] [Ant-man]
2013 [Iron Man 3] []
2014 [SHIELD] []
2015 [Thor 2] []
2016 [Captain America 2] []
2017 [Avengers 2] []

Assuming anything Marvel's talking about right now is part of the leadup to Avengers 2, it doesn't make sense to speculate about the second movie in the second Avengers summer. Excluding that slot, you could fill all the other new characters who have been recently announced or otherwise hinted at like this:

2012 [Avengers] [Ant-man]
2013 [Iron Man 3] [Dr. Strange]
2014 [SHIELD] [Iron Fist]
2015 [Thor 2] [Guardians of the Galaxy]
2016 [Captain America 2] [Black Panther]
2017 [Avengers 2] [?]

I think that's it, more or less. You can shuffle the dates around, but these sound like the movies they're making. As much of an undertaking as this is, they have the potential to do more. You can see why they have to start doing more than two movies a year, dropping the others in spring, in fall, or maybe even during the holidays.

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