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Default Re: Batman Forever had the best merchandising of ALL the Batman films

Originally Posted by Blitzkrieg Bop View Post
Of course it did, the movie itself was damn toy commercial.

i think your talking about batman and robin actually.

batman forever gets unfair treatment i think, it tends to get lumped in with B&R but the truth is batman forever had more depth and a better story, some even say its arguably a better batman movie then the previous 2 because it concentrated more on the hero rather then just the villians. you also have to remember how well Forever did back in the day, it was the "most lucrative picture of the year", which i had no idea it was that successful. if it was as rediculous as B&R was then it wouldnt have done well at all, but schumacher held back a bit in Forever and still seemed to retain some of the darkness of tim burtons movies while defiently livening it up and adding color and making the movie alot bigger and brighter. i guess im a fan of the black with blue lights underneath, all the vehicles had that ribbing with the blue underneath with that giant fin on the back, i though that was cool. it didnt get so ultra cheesy rediculousness like in B&R with that all-white ice thing and the batmobile haveing red strobe lights in the front with NO HOOD. nothing in B&R looked like anything batman would use. THAT movie was a toy commercial. yeaha forever had the "ill get drive through" line and theres no doubt Forever was more commercialized then the previous 2 but that didnt detract it seems from its popularity and even now, i find that funny and so 90's but still its a great fun movie to me and wasnt at all "just a toy commercial". that kind of comment should be reserved for B&R only.

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