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Default Re: MCU: The Marvel Cinematic Universe Official Discussion

I think Marvel is being smart in establishing themselves like fellow Disney company Pixar, as being the quality brand in comic book films. This will allow them to develop the lesser known heroes like Ant Man without having to promote much. When people see a Pixar film is coming out, you'll go see it wheather it's a known entity like Toy Story, or an original attempt like Up or WALL-E.

I think between the Iron Man films and TIH, and with Thor getting very positive reviews, as well as getting credit for film efforts from other studios like the Spider-man movies, people know when they see the Marvel Logo what they are going to get.

They should get the rights back to Fantastic Four next year, as Fox has no intentions on doing anything more with the franchise. They faked a script and listed actors being attached who weren't contacted, just to try and retain the rights, but their bluff was called. So there's even more they can do to expand the Marvel brand.

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